Gov. Chris Gregoire on Marriage Equality in HuffPo

Today Governor Chris Gregoire writes in the Huffington Post:

In my seven-year tenure as governor of the great state of Washington, yesterday was one of the best. That’s when I signed the bill providing marriage equality for all Washingtonians, and it is the day when our state said, quite simply, that love is love.

I’m proud that Washington became the seventh state in the nation to provide civil marriage for same-sex couples, and that it stood up for what is right and just.

Read the whole thing if you have the chance.

It’s been amazing couple of weeks here in Washington. After the Senate managed to pass the Marriage Equality bill with 28 votes in favor; the bill sailed through the Senate with ease. Then, in a definite departure from the norm, the Governor held a full on press conference yesterday to sign the bill; showcasing just how historic this whole affair has been. Every step of the way was emotional; filled with powerful speeches from supporters affirming the dignity and humanity of the LGBT community and our relationships. As a Washingtonian, it’s impossible not to be proud of it all.

As we celebrate victory, we should be aware of the fight that lies ahead however. Stand For Marriage Washington (now re-branded as Preserve Marriage Washington) filed for a Referendum 3 hours after the Governor signed the historic marriage equality bill. In the next few weeks, they will begin signature collecting for R-74 to be on the ballot in time for the November election (they have until June 6 to collect the requisite amount of signatures; more information can be found at the Secretary of State’s website).


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