They’re trying to kill us

For a while it seemed as though the situation in Uganda was dying down a bit. The “Kill the Gays” bill had been shelved; and while the LGBT community there was still under constant attack, the wave of hysteria prompted by the bills chief proponent David Bahati and anti-gay bigot pastor Martin Ssempa had at least subsided a bit. But with the re-introduction of the bill the attacks against the LGBT community in Uganda are becoming more brazen and frightening. As Christian Science Monitor notes:

As Uganda’s parliament begins discussions once more on an antihomosexuality bill, the Ugandan minister of ethics has accompanied police to shut down a workshop in Entebbe for gay rights activists and to arrest its organizer.

During the raid of the workshop, organized by Freedom and Roam Uganda, Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo told participants to leave or he would order the police to use force.

“I have closed this conference because it’s illegal,” Mr. Lokodo was quoted as saying by the Daily Monitor, a Ugandan newspaper. “We do not accept homosexuality in Uganda. So go back home.”

A lot has been said and written about the involvement of American Evangelicals like Scott Lively in aiding proponents of this bill and adding fire to the anti-gay flames of hate; and they still need to be held accountable for this. But what’s important now is that we continue to mobilize the International community to put pressure on Uganda to let the bill die and stop these heinous human rights violations against the LGBT community there.


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