Ken Hutcherson goes crazy…. Again….

In a Q&A over at the Antioch Bible Church website, Hutcherson, one of the most vocal opponents of Marriage Equality in the state of Washington, goes off the deep end (do we expect any less). We’re sadly used to the opposition brining up ridiculous arguments against Marriage Equality by trotting out slippery slope fallacies that it will lead to legalization of polygamy; but this has to be the first time I’ve seen ANYONE claim this:

Q: Where do Washington state Muslims and Mormons stand on “one man, one woman?”

A: They are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  Mormons are against anything except one man/one woman.  Muslims have come out in favor of same sex marriage, so they can usher in Sharia Law which allows polygamy.

That’s right, the Radical Islamic agenda rears it ugly head again! It’s a fixture of Evangelical Conservatism to see Muslim radicals hiding in your Cheerios in the morning, but this takes that a step further; especially considering the fact that many Conservatives have used their support for regime change in a country like Iran (which is very anti-gay) as an example of how they’re actually in favor of gay rights.

As usual, the key part of the Q&A however is the continued insistence that Marriage equality would threaten religious freedom. This is a complete lie. Churches can choose who they marry now (Ex: A Catholic church can choose not to marry a couple if one of them is not a Catholic) and that won’t change when (hopefully) this bill becomes law; and since Churches are not private businesses subject to anti-discrimination laws the canard about them getting into legal trouble for not hiring gay members of the congregation is complete crap. I don’t doubt that Hutcherson might actually believe this given his track record of insane statements; but we cannot allow our opponents to spread these ridiculous falsehoods anymore than they already have.


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